Why Do We Normalize Our Rolls?

Normalizing is a heat treatment process used to relieve internal stresses, refine the steel grain size, refine the steel grain structure and improve the mechanical properties of 52100 steel.  Normalizing is done to give the steel a uniform and fine-grained structure prior to the induction heat treating of the roll surface. The normalization process significantly improves the ductility, toughness and increases the strength/hardness of the steel. The core hardness after normalizing is 26-30Rc. Additionally steel that ...

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Introducing Our New Slitting Line Leveler

Allor Manufacturing Inc introduces our new Slitting Line Leveler providing leveling designed to meet our customer’s product needs. 

The moveable lower platen provides variable roll plunges based upon gauge and yield strength settings entered by the operator via the machine HMI. Four hydraulic cylinders, each operated by proportional valves and LDT system automatically position the lower platen to the desired ...

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Introducing Our New Pull Through Tension Leveler

Allor Manufacturing Inc. is pleased to introduce our Patented Pull Through Tension Leveler utilizing patented technology, which provides flat strip with lower tension requirements vs. traditional tension levelers. This new machine uses a high-performance combination Pull Through Tension Leveler and a Roller Leveler combined into a single compact machine, designed specifically for the Eco Pickled Surface Coil Lines running High ...

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Allor-Plesh Chain and Conveyor Systems

Allor-Plesh Is Your Leading Supplier of Engineered Chain and Conveyor Systems for Heavy Industry.

  • Coil Handling Conveyors
  • Scrap Handling Conveyors
  • Plate Cooling Beds & Conveyor Systems
  • Pipe Transfer Conveyors
  • Bulk Material Handling Conveyors

Providing innovative custom-engineered conveyor solutions that improve operating performance and reduce maintenance with consistency, reliability, and technical support.

Contact Allor-Plesh to discuss your material handling requirements.

Contact Information

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News from Allor-Plesh and Royal Purple

Contact Information:
Allor Manufacturing, Inc.


Allor Manufacturing Announces North American Steel Industry Distributorship of Royal Purple Lubrication Products

BRIGHTON, MI – April 9, 2014 – Allor-Plesh, a leading provider of Engineered Conveyor Chain, Levelers and Specialty Bearings, has partnered with Royal Purple to exclusively distribute Royal Purple lubrication products to the North American Steel Industry.

This partnership makes available proven, super-premium lubricants to the Steel Industry providing lower energy costs, reduced down time, improved reliability ...

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