Metal Center News – April 2021

Did you see our April ad in Metal Center News? If you are interested in learning more about Allor Manufacturings Leveler Spare Parts, Work Rolls and Backup Bearings, Leveler Rebuild Services or Leveler Modernization give us a call (248) 486-4500 or visit the Leveler section of our website.

ad featuring levelers and replacement parts for levelers supplied by Allor Manufacturing
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Why Do We Normalize Our Rolls?

Normalizing is a heat treatment process used to relieve internal stresses, refine the steel grain size, refine the steel grain structure and improve the mechanical properties of 52100 steel.  Normalizing is done to give the steel a uniform and fine-grained structure prior to the induction heat treating of the roll surface. The normalization process significantly improves the ductility, toughness and increases the strength/hardness of the steel. The core hardness after normalizing is 26-30Rc. Additionally steel that ...

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