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DRI Steel—Direct Reduction Iron Ore

Allor-Plesh knows what it takes to make quality chain and wheels/rollers that stand up to the harshest environments from DRI steel and HBI steel. We have spent years researching the failure modes of conveyor chains and wheels/rollers to discover ways to significantly improve their performance life and reduce the maintenance costs of this equipment. Our DRI conveyor products are tough, dependable, and safe—built to keep your production moving.

HBI Steel

The HBI steel and DRI steel industry is heavily dependent on chain and wheels/rollers to keep production moving. DRI conveyor chain and wheels/rollers must operate in the most severe and hostile service environments. Allor-Plesh has been servicing heavy industries with custom solutions for more than 50 years, including heavy-duty DRI steel, HBI steel, and DRI products that are built to last.

DRI Conveyor Chain

We’ve been specializing in the design and manufacture of heavy-duty DRI conveyor chain, conveyor wheel/rollers, and custom bearings, which are engineered to combat the following elements in hostile service environments:

  • Water
  • Chemicals
  • Temperature Variations from Hot to Cold
  • Extreme Heat
  • Abrasive Materials, etc.

Our chain, as well as our wheels, rollers, and bearings, is the toughest in the industry. Allor-Plesh chain benefits from a proven combination of precision machining, superior heat-treating, and quality. You can trust the custom solutions from Allor-Plesh. With DRI steel and HBI steel, we ensure our customers will not have to worry about frequent replacements and excessive downtime.