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Coil Conveyor Chains

Allor-Plesh supplies more new and rebuilt coil conveyor chains than any other supplier. Time after time, we are trusted by the steel industry to keep their production moving with our durable and quality products, which include the best coil chains and coil roller products in the industry.

Coil Roller Products

We are the proven industry leader when it comes to supplying heavy-duty standard and custom coil roller products and conveyor wheels.

Coil roller sizes range in size from 5″ plain through 10″ single flanged. If you need a custom product, contact us. At Allor-Plesh, we have the ability to interchange over fifty industry standards or make custom rollers to fit any steel mill application.

Designed to Withstand All Conditions

We design all of our Allor-Plesh wheels and custom coil roller assemblies to withstand steel mill operating conditions. Our industry standard 7″ coil roller with a 3-1/2″ bore and locking plate was developed with severe conditions in mind, such as:

  • Freezing Temperatures
  • Extreme Heat
  • Water
  • Oil
  • High Impacts
  • Side Impacts
  • Extreme Loads
  • Contamination

Coil Conveyor Chain Supplier with Competitive Prices

Featuring a large stock and wide range of sizes, Allor-Plesh is the leading coil conveyor chain supplier with the most competitive prices. In addition, our manufacturing processes enable us to provide large or small lots of coil conveyor products that are designed to fit your needs.