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Coil Conveyor Chain

As a leader in heavy-duty chain for all steel mill applications, Allor/Plesh has produced every type of coil conveyor chain in current use. Among them:


  • Flat Top Coil Conveyor
  • Saddle Top Coil Conveyor
  • Pallet Top Coil Conveyor
  • “V” Top Coil Conveyor
  • Cross-Over
  • Universal Coil Conveyor
  • Cooling Conveyor
  • Transfer Conveyor
  • Crop Conveyor


  • Flat Top Coil Conveyor
  • Saddle Top Coil Conveyor
  • Pallet Top Coil Conveyor
  • Saddle Type Coil Conveyor
  • Pallet Type Coil Conveyor
  • Pallet Type Conveyor
  • Scrap Handling

Allor/Plesh also manufactures coil conveyor wheels, or rollers for the coil conveyor chain it produces.

Find out more by calling us at 248-486-4500.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Let Our Clients Tell You Why They Choose Allor Manufacturing

  • To whom It may concern,

    United States Steel has done business with Allor Mfg. for several years. I have worked with Allor for 18 years as Maintenance Planner/ Expediter for the Hot Strip Mill, Hot Coil Conveyor system at Gary Works. Allor Mfg. has been a great partner in helping me understand and maintain my equipment.

    Allor Mfg. provides USS Corp. with the highest quality products at very competitive pricing. They are very knowledgeable, flexible and honest.

    Allor is diversified in their manufacturing and has a great engineering department to help solve any issues that may arise. Allor provides the Hot Strip Mill with conveyor chain for the longest coil conveyor system in the world.

    Allor is very prompt with their deliveries, making monthly deliveries on time to the precise day and hour at my request. Special delivery requests are also not a problem. They make frequent visits to service us in any way. They also are here to make frequent inspections of our conveyor chain and structure. This results in saving us money and down time.

    Their service and professionalism is the best. I would encourage other businesses to work with Allor Mfg.

    –Dave Bice/ Hot Strip Mill Maintenance Planner | United States Steel Corporation | Gary Works