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Chain Support Roller

Customized solutions and dependable industrial support rollers keep the bulk-handling industry moving. Allor-Plesh is the industry leader for industrial support rollers and chain support roller products. Our upgraded design for continuous bucket rollers reinforces our dedication to reducing production slowdowns and extending product life. Allor-Plesh industrial support rollers such as continuous bucket rollers install and disassemble easily.

Chain Support Roller Features

Allor-Plesh chain support rollers can be designed to replace Heyl Patterson, Linkbelt, Sumitomo, and Dravo styles L.

Features include:

  • A base design that is several times stronger
  • Jack screw feature for easy shaft removal
  • 3-bolt construction, which is strong, effective, and simple
  • Roller, bearings, and shaft are a one-piece assembly
  • Never-lube option is available
  • Unique “closed end” design for increased strength and bearing protection
  • Triple row bearing with hardened tread for over 2 times capacity and 3 times the performance life
  • Interchanges to replace OEM equipment

Lower your maintenance costs, reduce your production slowdowns, and have a lower lifetime cost than any other product on the market with Allor-Plesh custom solutions. Find out more by calling us at 248-486-4500.