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Precision Guide Roller

Keep your production moving by reducing downtime and lost maintenance time by insisting on Allor-Plesh precision guide rollers. Our precision guide roller products withstand the extremes of industrial elements that can shut an operation down. Heat-treated wear-resistant steel guide rollers and chemical-resistant guide rollers from Allor-Plesh are proven to be superior. For more than 45 years, we’ve been combining our precision machining and industry expertise to bring the industry’s highest-quality precision guide roller to you. Contact us to find out more about our guide rollers and products.

  • Precision Guide Roller Innovation
  • Chemical-Resistant “Sealed-for-Life” Guide Rollers
  • Steel Mill Guide Rollers
  • Heat-Treated Guide Rollers

Steel Mill Guide Rollers

Allor-Plesh is a leading manufacturer of custom and standard precision guide roller products, such as steel mill guide rollers. Combat the elements of water, chemicals, temperature variances from hot to cold, extreme heat, and abrasive materials with superior guide rollers from Allor-Plesh. Our chemical-resistant “Sealed-for-Life” guide rollers keep your maintenance time to a minimum and withstand the extremes that can shut down an operation and cause costly lost hours for maintenance. Precision machining, superior heat-treating, wear resistant steel and bearing selection make our heat-treated guide rollers durable in all elements.