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Leveler Cassettes

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Custom Leveler Components

Allor-Plesh is your industry partner for customized leveler components, including spare parts, levelers, rolls, and cassettes. We repair and recondition leveler components that range from small tension levelers to larger plate levelers.

On-Site Leveler Reconditioning

Not only does Allor-Plesh engineer and manufacture new levelers and leveler components, we recondition complete leveler machines on-site. As a leader in custom levelers and solutions, we are ready to supply our engineered solutions and products that improve your production quality and keep production moving.

The experts at Allor-Plesh can also troubleshoot your process lines and provide customized engineered solutions. Allor-Plesh products are designed to lower your maintenance costs, increase your productivity, and have a lower lifetime cost than any other product on the market. Find out more by calling us at 248-486-4500. We can also offer leveler consultation and can help you optimize the performance of your equipment.