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When you need automotive chain and automotive flat top industry supply solutions that increase capacity while meeting the stringent demands of assembly plant environments, insist upon Allor-Plesh, your automotive industry supply partner. As with all of our product, Allor-Plesh assembly plant flat top transfer chains are engineered to lower maintenance costs and reduce your production slowdowns.

Your Automotive Industry Supply Partner

For an automotive industry supply partner specializing in automotive manufacturing solutions, trust Allor-Plesh. We build solutions such as customized automotive flat top chain and that keeps production moving.

For more than 45 years, Allor-Plesh has been delivering solutions to the automotive industry.

Assembly Chain Solutions

Our automotive manufacturing solutions include an innovative bearing package in a joint venture with General Motors. Another solution is our precisely machined automotive flat top chain that lasts significantly longer than the competition.

For a lower lifetime cost than any other product on the market, call Allor-Plesh at 248-486-4500.