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Pallet Conveyor Supply

Allor-Plesh manufactures a full range of pallet conveyor supplies to exacting standards. With our 45+ years of pallet conveyor experience, you can be sure that Allor-Plesh has the engineering and manufacturing expertise to give you the right pallet conveyor solution to transport products reliably and efficiently. Our components include OSHA approved load handling and bulk unloader systems and high-strength chain. All of our conveyor systems are tested to assure their total load carrying capacity, flow rate, and operational excellence upon installation.

Bulk Unloader System

  • Bulk Handling
  • Loading
  • Unloading and Spares
  • Heavy-Load Handling Systems
  • Pallet Conveyor Supplies

Custom fabrication solutions for the heavy-load handling systems or bulk-unloading industry can keep raw material and production in motion. Bulk unloader system failure can be devastating to your profitability. Trust the custom pallet conveyor supply solutions of the industry leader—Allor-Plesh.

Allor-Plesh is the leader in custom manufacturing of heavy-load handling systems.  Our custom Pallet Conveyor Supply will give you upgraded designs that will increase the life of your heavy-load handling systems. As with pallet conveyor and bulk unloader systems, all our products are engineered to lower your maintenance costs, reduce your production slowdowns, and have a lower lifetime cost than any other product on the market. Find out more by calling us at 248-486-4500.