About Us

Individually, Allor Manufacturing and Plesh Industries had become leaders in heavy industries by focusing on custom engineering solutions. Allor Manufacturing and Plesh Industries merged operations and teams to become Allor-Plesh in 2003.

By combining resources, Allor-Plesh has become a united business entity with an incredible platform for market growth. By optimizing both manufacturing locations in Brighton, Michigan, Allor-Plesh is able to meet an even higher global demand for custom solutions. And by consolidating resources and merging talents, Allor-Plesh is fast becoming the leading provider of custom designs and solutions in the manufacturing of conveyors, levelers, chain, wheels, rollers, cartridge-style bearings, and much more. Commitments to quality and customer satisfaction are the outstanding strengths of Allor-Plesh. Our products withstand the harshest environments—and meet/exceed any industry challenge.

More about Allor Manufacturing

Allor Manufacturing was founded in 1970 for the purpose of making conveyor chain and conveyor chain replacement parts for the automotive and foundry industries. The company began in the garage of the president’s grandfather where rollers, pins, and bushings were manufactured with lathes and drill presses.

Allor’s reputation and market share rapidly expanded. In 1976, Allor built a 20,000-square-foot facility in Novi, Michigan, and entered the steel mill market. As a producer of steel mill coil conveyor chain, Allor was limited to buying coil conveyor wheels until Allor engineers developed wheels that improved upon the original OEM wheel. This allowed Allor to gain a competitive edge and grow each year.

In 1995, Allor moved to a new 85,000-square-foot facility in Brighton, Michigan. This expansion allowed Allor to substantially grow in other areas of heavy industry and become a leading supplier of leveling equipment spare parts, new levelers for high-yield plate products, tension levelers and spare parts, mining conveyors and specialty wheels and bearings, and heavy-duty chain.

The success of Allor has been attributed to:

  • Strong sales and marketing programs
  • Highly skilled and creative engineering team
  • Commitment to customers’ needs and solution products
  • Excellence and dedication from every Allor employee

More about Plesh Industries

Plesh Industries was founded in 1969 by Ronald L. Plesh to serve the needs of the steel industry for specialized material handling chain, wheels, and rollers. Plesh has become the leading custom manufacturer specializing in Engineered Class chain for coil conveyors, drawbench, barge unloader, transfer, apron conveyor, and many other heavy-duty applications. In addition, Plesh has produced most of the steel wheels (or rollers) for this type of chain, as well as buckets, sprockets, and other chain-related products. As a leading manufacturer of these products, Plesh provides complete material handling systems and specializes in custom machined and fabricated metal parts.

Earning a reputation as a problem-solving company, Plesh engineers continually strive to understand a customer’s process and meet unique or unusual application challenges. The Plesh workforce includes experienced engineers, metallurgists, machinists, and fabricators certified to AWS specifications.

Plesh products stand up to the harshest environments and play critical roles in steel production and other industrial processes.