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Conveyor Chain

Durable, reliable conveyor chain is crucial to the profitability of your operation. Reducing the downtime and maintenance on your conveyor component equals increased productivity. Allor-Plesh is the leading heavy-duty coil conveyor chain supplier for all steel mill applications. We also specialize in inspection and rebuild services.

Coil Conveyor Chain

Leading coil conveyor chain supplier Allor-Plesh produces every type of standard and custom coil chain in use, including:

  • Flat Top Coil Conveyor
  • Saddle Top Coil Conveyor
  • Pallet Top Coil Conveyor
  • “V” Top Coil Conveyor Component
  • Cross-Over
  • Universal Coil Conveyor
  • Cooling Conveyor
  • Transfer Conveyor Chain
  • Tandem Mill Coil Conveyor Chain