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Starter Bar Chain

Allor-Plesh has a proven history of solving tough problems in the steel industry. We can improve your dummy bar and starter bar chain rebuilds and give your facility years of trouble-free operation.

Starter bar chain, dummy bar chain, and heads are an important part of the continuous casting of steel. The chains and heads can experience constant wear from heat, dust, mechanical stresses, and accidental break-through of the liquid steel. But Allor-Plesh starter bar chain and dummy bar heads are some of the best in the industry.

Dummy Bar Chain & Starter Bar Features

  • New & Rebuilt Dummy Bar Chain and Heads
  • Design Upgrades Available
  • Billet Dummy Bar Chain
  • New & Rebuilt Square Dummy Bar Chain
  • New & Rebuilt Dummy Bar Heads
  • Dummy Bar Extractor Chain

Allor-Plesh specializes in heavy-duty starter bar chain and heads. We offer many innovative designs and improvements to reduce joint lock up and wear by using high-quality, hardened mating surfaces. The dummy bar heads are rebuilt for improved wear and increased performance life.

Starter Bar—Engineered for Lower Maintenance Costs

Allor-Plesh dummy bar and starter bar products are engineered to lower your maintenance costs, reduce your production slowdowns, and have a lower lifetime cost than any other product on the market.