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Chain Buckets

The bulk-handling industry relies on heavy-duty barge unloading equipment to keep production moving. That’s why so many rely on the reinforced chain buckets and barge equipment from Allor-Plesh. Our hardened alloy steel chain buckets and barge equipment greatly reduce costly downtime and expensive unscheduled maintenance.

Barge Unloading Equipment

  • Custom Barge Equipment
  • Reinforced Chain Buckets

We engineer barge unloading buckets with long wearing, hardened alloy steel that gives bulk handling operatives heavy-duty chain buckets with additional reinforcement. Our barge unloading buckets are specifically developed to give the bulk handling industry the exceptional chain buckets and components that lower lifetime cost over other products on the market. All barge equipment joints are welded to AWS standards. Corner joints have additional reinforcement for increased life.

Custom Buckets

Custom bucket products from Allor-Plesh are the strongest in any industry, manufactured for long-lasting wear and superior strength. Our special hardened alloy steel in Allor-Plesh industrial buckets, conveyor buckets, and iron ore buckets is abrasion resistant and lasts for years!

Contact Allor-Plesh for custom bucket manufacturing that leads to reduced downtime from unplanned maintenance. Our industrial bucket design for barge unloader buckets and iron ore buckets reflects our leadership in custom design, fabrication, and solutions. All of our industrial bucket products are fabricated for a uniform fit and dimensional accuracy and engineered to reduce your production slowdowns. Read more about our bucket features:

Custom Bucket Features

  • Blades—Industrial bucket blades were designed with extensive field analysis of high-wear conveyor applications.
  • Steel plate—Built from ASTM specifications, our industrial bucket structural quality is meant for long-lasting performance.
  • Joints—Continuous weld, meeting AWS standards for industrial buckets.
  • Corners—Reinforced with additional welded stiffeners for increased strength.
  • Attachment Holes—CNC machined attachment holes have proper alignment for chain attachment to the conveyor buckets.

For barge unloading equipment that keeps your bulk-handling production moving, while reducing costly slowdowns, trust the leadership and 45 years of experience that Allor-Plesh offers. Call us at 248-486-4500 to find out what we can do for you.