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Transfer Chain

Wherever you find heavy, bulky, or hot products that need to be moved, you’ll find Allor-Plesh transfer chain and material handling chain hard at work. Our conveyors, transfer chain, and bucket elevator chain can withstand the extremes of any industry elements. With our superior heat-treated alloys and customized solutions, Allor-Plesh chains have virtually unlimited applications throughout every industry. Designed to give you a lower lifetime cost than other transfer chain on the market, our transfer chain carries heavy loads, steel plates, slabs pipe, bars and coils. We can customize your linkage chain, bucket elevator chain, and more—with unlimited applications.

Transfer Chain and Products Include–

  • Plate Transfer Chain
  • Tension Linkage Chain
  • Bucket Elevator Chain
  • Heavy-Duty Drive Chain
  • Dummy Bar
  • Rotator Chain
  • Dam Gate
  • Coil Conveyor Chain
  • Drag Chain