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Y5206K Bearing Package

Allor Manufacturing partnered with the GM New Departure Bearing Division in the late 1970s to develop the Y5206K bearing package and roller assembly. The Y5206K was designed to handle the heavy demands of assembly wash lines. As with all Allor-Plesh products, the Y5206K simplifies, reduces maintenance costs, and increases product life while keeping production moving.

Our superior flat top conveyor chain and customized flat top chain and rollers are engineered to reduce your maintenance and have a lower lifetime cost than any other product out there.

Customized Factory Chain

In addition to factory chain, flat top conveyor chain, and customized flat top chain, Allor-Plesh has supplied over 150,000 of the Y5206K style bearings—proven tough in assembly plants, foundries, steel mills, paper mills, and other harsh environments.

For more than 45 years, Allor-Plesh products, such as flat top chain, have stood up to the harsh extremes of assembly-line demands. Find out more about Allor-Plesh excellence by calling 248-486-4500.