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Grate Plate Saver

The Allor-Plesh patented Grate Plate Saver offers a simple, cost-effective solution to grate/grid style cooling bed problems that are common in older plate mills, such as plate bottom side damage, plate edge damage, and excessive grate wear. Cooling bed problems can also result in high maintenance and repair costs.

Grate Plate Saver from Allor-Plesh is an insert system designed specifically for plate mills with grate-type cooling beds. Our Grate Plate Saver system features a precision manufactured assembly designed to insert into existing cooling bed grates, allowing standard grates to be adapted with rollers. In most cases, there is no modification needed to the existing cooling bed grates.

Advantages of Grate Plate Saver

  • Higher-Quality Products
  • Scratch-Free Plates
  • Increases the Life of Power Transmission Components

With the Grate Plate Saver system from Allor-Plesh, you get scratch-free plates. Rollers support the hot plate as it transfers across the cooling bed grates, eliminating plate contact with the grates. Also edge damage to plates is reduced, resulting in higher-quality products all around.

Another advantage is a reduction in operating costs, plus lower maintenance and wear. The supporting rollers of the Grate Plate Saver prevent the plate from contacting the grate and totally eliminating grate wear. The rolling friction required to transfer the plates is lower than with current systems, significantly reducing transfer chain wear.

Also, because you can often utilize your existing equipment, there is a low initial investment. The Grate Plate Saver is an extremely cost-effective solution compared to other systems adopted by some plate mills to correct problems with cooling bed grates.

Plate Mill—Cooling Bed Grates

All Allor-Plesh cooling bed grates and bed grate components are designed to minimize your installation downtime and help you integrate cooling bed grates for a low initial cost! Allor-Plesh products are engineered to reduce your production slowdowns and have a lower lifetime cost than any other product on the market.