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Apron Chain

When it has to be strong, when it has to be durable, when it has to keep your production moving—trust Allor-Plesh for heavy-duty apron chain and piano hinge conveyor chains.

Allor-Plesh has been building heavy-duty apron chain and piano hinge conveyor chains for American industry for 45 years, using innovative engineering and low-maintenance components. As a conveyor chain manufacturer, we produce quality rollers, industrial apron chain, apron, and piano hinge conveyor chain replacement parts. As a leading conveyor chain manufacturer for more than 45 years, we specialize in:

  • Industrial Apron Chain
  • New Conveyors
  • Replacement Parts
  • Upgraded Wheels

Chain Upgrades & Improvements

If your products aren’t holding up in harsh environments, we can upgrade and improve your existing light-duty Mayfran, Rexnord, and Transcon piano hinge scrap conveyors. Allor-Plesh heavy-duty chain upgrades and improvements include:

  • Heavier Pans
  • Stronger Side Wings
  • Full Welds
  • Stronger Links
  • Lubrication Elimination
  • Increased Performance Life
  • Replacing Needle Bearings with Heavy-Duty Sealed-for-Life Bearings

When possible, we use our proprietary Y5206K bearing.

Industrial Apron Chain

Allor-Plesh is a conveyor chain manufacturer that specializes in various types of industrial apron chain, heavy-duty chain, and piano hinge chains for specific applications, such as:

  • Crop Shear
  • Scrap Transfer
  • Sinter Plant Conveyors
  • Steel Mill Scrap Conveyors
  • Clinker—Cement
  • Aluminum Scrap Conveyor
  • HBI
  • DRI