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Apron Chain

Allor-Plesh produces the apron chain and apron conveyor chain for several industries, including automotive, steel mills, foundries, waste to energy and cement handling. We are experts at manufacturing and designing exacting apron chain and apron conveyor chain that withstand industry elements and reduces downtime and maintenance. With more than 45 years of experience, we have the fabrication and engineering capabilities to customize any solution and meet your exacting requirements. We can design your conveyor and apron chain for a unique solution, or customize replacement components for your conveyor. At Allor-Plesh, we supply precise, custom solutions. Our apron chain is manufactured using materials, finishes, and tolerances that keep your apron chain and apron conveyor chain efficient and your production moving.

Pan Conveyor Chain

Apron Conveyor Chain and Pan Conveyor Apron Chain Designs Include—

  • Style A—Double-beaded, leak-proof pan conveyor—conveyor chain recommended for fine or hot materials. Pans hold fine or dry materials; hot materials can be easily handled with our customized pan conveyor manufacturing.
  • Style B—Deep leak-proof pan conveyor—deep, double-beaded pans for holding large capacities of materials. The deep pan, by design, can also absorb the impact of large debris as well as carry materials on inclined conveyors.
  • Style C—Extra-deep leak-proof conveyor—deep, leak-proof apron conveyor chain pans allow materials to be carried at steeper inclines and at higher capacities, in any industry.
  • Piano Hinge, Flat Pan Conveyor—broad, flat conveyor for small and odd shapes, such as refuse. Pusher cleats available. Stray pan conveyor pieces don’t jam between interlocking hinge joints.

As with apron chain and apron conveyor products, all Allor-Plesh products are engineered to reduce your production slowdowns within any industry and have a lower lifetime cost than any other product on the market. Find out more by calling us at 248-486-4500. Don’t just take our word for it, thank you Gary Banina, Maintenance Planner, Cliffs-Ind-East and the Sinter Plant for your testimonial.

  • We just had the opportunity to install the four pans you sent us onto G-1 pan conveyor. The pans we had from a previous shop gave us fits when we installed them. Your pans practically installed themselves! They fit like a glove! We test ran the conveyor with the new pans installed and the performed perfectly! Please give my compliments to your craftsmen for making an excellent product. Looking forward to continuing to order our pans from you. Thanks again and be safe.

    - Gary Banina, Maintenance Planner, Cliffs-Ind-East and the Sinter Plant.