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Wheel Axle Assembly

Allor-Plesh is dedicated to keeping your production moving with durable wheel axle assembly.

We designed the industrial axles of the Whaxle™ (wheel axle assembly) to be exchanged on location without moving the transfer or furnace car, with just four bolts. Our heavy-duty axle/wheel is revolutionary and keeps your downtime to an absolute minimum.

Heavy-Duty Axle

  • Industrial Axles Exchanged on Location
  • Longer Wheel Life
  • Fast On-Site Exchange!

Whaxle® Features

Simplify the replacement of specialty wheels on transfer cars and furnace cars with the innovative Whaxle™ wheel axle assembly from Allor-Plesh. The existing wheel, industrial axles, bearing, lock nut, keeper plates, spacers, and all other incidental parts are replaced with one preassembled Whaxle. This heavy-duty axle, wheel axle assembly is slid into the U-brackets and bolted into place fast, getting you moving again.

  • Increased wheel bearing capacity on industrial axles with Whaxle.
  • Easy change of entire Whaxle wheel/axle assembly on location without lifting the transfer car or furnace car—simply remove four bolts and lift and exchange the Whaxle assembly.
  • Industrial axles, wheels, and Whaxle assembly are designed for salvage / exchange for cost reduction
  • Recycle existing wheels by re-treading. Reinstall in a Whaxle.
  • Load is more uniformly distributed on each heavy-duty axle of the Whaxle assembly, increasing meantime between failure.
  • Existing transfer cars and furnace cars can be retrofitted with Whaxle wheel axle assembly, either here at Allor-Plesh or at your own facility.

Whaxle is a customized solution to lost time and production. Find out more about our revolutionary Whaxle preassembled wheel axle assembly units featuring industrial axles.

Allor-Plesh products are engineered to lower your maintenance costs, reduce your production slowdowns, and have a lower lifetime cost than any other product on the market. Find out more by calling us at 248-486-4500.