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Application-Engineered Wheels & Bearings

Whatever specialty wheels you need, Allor-Plesh can deliver an exact match that is application engineered to perform the right job. Examples include:

  • Coil Conveyor wheels
  • Pallet Wheels
  • Sinter Car Pallet Wheels
  • Foundry Mold Conveyor Wheel
  • Strip Guides
  • Aluminum and Steel Mill Automation
  • Barge Unloader Chain Support Rollers
  • Heavy-Duty Engineering Bearings
  • OEM Interchanges

Engineered Wheels & Bearings

Standard or custom specialty wheels, Allor-Plesh has the engineered wheels and bearings you need. Allor-Plesh is your custom solution partner for pallet wheels, coil cars, engineering bearings, and foundry mold and casting machines. We will alter, redesign, reconfigure any existing wheel, and will update the specifications to leverage our experience and technology. Allor-Plesh engineers are ready to meet any challenge for these specialty wheels applications and more:

  • Pallet Wheels
  • Support Wheels
  • Coil Cars
  • Mold Conveyor Wheel
  • Conveyor Wheels
  • Engineered Bearings

Coil Cars—Many Wheels in Stock

In addition to our mold conveyor wheel, customized pallet wheels, coil cars, and engineering bearings, we have many wheels in stock for fast delivery. Contact us for specific information. Allor-Plesh wheels and engineering bearings are designed to lower your maintenance costs and reduce your production slowdowns. Find out more by calling us at 248-486-4500.