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Supplying Custom Roll Equipment for 50+ Years

Allor-Plesh has been supplying solution driven products to the steel mill industry for more than 50 years. We’re known as the industry’s trusted supplier of premium rolls for leveling equipment. Our products meet the highest standards for material, finish, and tolerance.

At Allor-Plesh, we are ready to troubleshoot and solve any challenge you have. Whether you require a standard or custom work roll, our superior manufacturing process always results in superior rolls for your leveling equipment, unsurpassed strength, and reliability, Trust Allor-Plesh for leveler work rolls that will keep your production moving forward, even in the most demanding applications.

Keep Moving with Allor-Plesh Work Rolls

Our work rolls are designed to keep your production moving, even in extreme leveling applications. Built Allor-Plesh tough, our work rolls and other work roll equipment are precision manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry.

Direct component OEM interchanges include—

  • New/Rebuilt Cassettes
  • Work Rolls
  • Backup Bearings/Assemblies
  • Thrust Bearings

Direct part interchanges available for OEM equipment for the following applications—

  • Pickle Lines
  • Galvanizing Lines
  • Continuous Annealing Lines
  • Flatteners
  • Heat Treat Levelers
  • Plate Mill Levelers
  • Steel Processing Lines
  • Cut-to-Length Lines
  • Aluminum Mills
  • Stamping Operations

We can also offer leveler consultation and technical support to help you optimize the performance on your leveling equipment. For more information on how Allor-Plesh can increase your productivity and give you a lower lifetime cost on work rolls than on any other work rolls product on the market, call us at 248-486-4500.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Let Our Clients Tell You Why They Choose Allor Manufacturing

  • Back in 2004 Allor came to I/N trying to sell us their superior roll material for our scalebreaker and levelers.  At the time, we did not have an issue with roll wear as we had dry systems everywhere.  For example, the scalebreaker back-up rolls were 14 years old and had less than 2 mm of wear on the diameter.  The cost of the new material was prohibitive, so we did not buy anything.  In 2006, we converted the dry scale breaker to a wet system.  All bets were off with this abrasive grit blasting machine.  The now 16-year-old back-ups wore out in 6 months and we had no rolls to put in the mill.  Allor suggested their material again and at this point the price was not an issue.  It took 4-6 months to get new rolls and it was worth every penny.  The Durallor ™ lasts 6 to 8 years in the wet environment.  Because it works so well, we converted all our levelers rolls.  These went from 1 year to 3-4 years of life before regrinding.  Every time we have to buy new sets of rolls, we run into the issue of cost compared to the traditional 52100 and 8620 alternatives.   A simple e-mail to our purchasing department explaining the total cost of ownership makes this an easy decision.

    From these experiences, we have increased our relationship with Allor as a provider of grinding and rebuild services.  They are very competitively priced and have done a good job of trying to save rolls and equipment by rebuilding instead of replacing.  They rebuild our support rolls and typically we can save about 70% of them at a cost of about 1/3 that of a new one.  Because of their commitment to excellence and understanding of quality and cost of ownership, we have carried that one step further and had them quote new cassettes for a scalebreaker.  The design is superior to the old system and will pay for themselves in about 6 years in roll and bearing savings.

    Our relationship has grown to the point we are trying to repurpose old rolls by machining them to the smaller size of a different machine.  This save the cost of the material and reduces the cost of the roll by 50%.  It can’t always be done but this type of idea shows how willing Allor is to work with us to reduce our costs in the long run.  We look forward to this type of thinking on future projects.

    –Keith L Hunter, PE | Lead Engineer | I/N Tek & I/N Kote | ArcelorMittal USA