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Chain Support Rollers

Allor-Plesh is the industry leader when it comes to industrial roller chain and chain support rollers, including bucket chain support rollers. We have been fabricating and engineering heavy-duty roller chain for more than 45 years. We can integrate industrial roller chain and chain support rollers into your production workflow with minimum downtime. And when you trust Allor-Plesh, you’re sure to have heat-treated chain that withstands harsh elements and the technology that gives you a longer-lifetime product.

Industrial Roller Chain

In addition to reduced maintenance, here are additional features and benefits of Allor-Plesh bucket chain support rollers:

  • Our base design is several times stronger.
  • Bucket chain support rollers have a jackscrew feature for easy shaft removal.
  • 3-bolt construction for chain support rollers is extremely strong, effective, and simple.
  • Industrial roller chain, bearings, and shaft are a one-piece assembly.
  • Never-lube option available for bucket chain support rollers.
  • Unique “closed end” design for increased strength and resistance to contamination.
  • Triple row bearing with hardened tread for over 2 times capacity.
  • Roller chain can be designed to replace Heyl Patterson, Linkbelt, and Sumitomo styles.

As with our industrial roller chain and chain support rollers, all Allor-Plesh products are engineered to reduce production slowdowns and have a lower lifetime cost than any other product on the market. Find out more by calling us at 248-486-4500.