Introducing Our New PULL-THRU Tension Leveler

Allor Manufacturing Inc. is pleased to introduce our new PULL-THRU Tension Leveler utilizing patented technology, which provides flat strip with lower tension requirements vs. traditional tension levelers. This new machine uses a high-performance combination Scale Breaker/Tension Leveler and a Roller Leveler combined into a single compact machine, designed specifically for the Eco Pickled Surface Coil Lines running High Strength AHSS grade steel. The installation of our Allor Scale Breaker/Tension Leveler ahead of the EPS cells allow the pickle line to increase their line speed by 35% – 40%!

Additional Features:
•    Significantly smaller footprint vs. tension levelers
•    Designed to level high-strength AHSS grade steel
•    Quick change cassettes
•    Fully automated setup sequencing and operational control system
•    Pull-Thru tension by the re-coiler or exit side bridle rolls
•    Entry & Exit bridle rolls not required!
•    Significantly reduces overall horsepower requirements

Call us at 248-486-4500 to see this unit running in TMW’s new EPS coil line in Red Bud, IL.